Spiritual Music Festival Organiser Wanted For The UK


We are looking for an experienced event organiser to help setup a unique pop up boutique festival that covers music + Spiritualism and generates funds for a good cause here in England targeting the “homeless” and specifically those sleeping rough on our streets. Upon the successful completion of the festival the festival organiser shall be paid a bonus, determined by the festival promoters.

The exact location and dates are to be confirmed, however likely to be from Fri Aug 31st 2018 – Sun Sept 1st 2018

I must point out that although our festival is considered very small in comparison to others (250 people) it will include daily Yoga and Meditation sessions and have workshops based around spiritualism. However, it will also have a more main stream music component that makes it very different to the norm. IMHO the music in question offers a real connection with everything that is positive and uplifting. For me personally, it is as close as can come to “Spiritual Music.” In addition, there will also be a chance for those attending to participate in more traditional music that fits the yoga/spiritual narrative as in drumming etc.

The food served will be primarily based around vegan etc, there shall be access to more main stream food together with alcohol being available. I must point out that this festival will be a chilled out and relaxed affair and whilst alcohol will be available, under no circumstances will drunken behaviour be tolerated. I find that most individuals who drink alcohol treat it in a very responsible manner and our festival will be no different.
Therefore, if you live in the UK and have the experience to make this festival a success please get in touch.

Should you wish to volunteer for a few Yoga & Mediation (or any other associated spiritual specialisms) sessions during the festival, please get in touch. In return, you will have access to a camping tent and your food covered.

We look forward to hearing from you.