Yoga Philosophy, Mantra, Anatomy, Pranayama, Therapeutic -, Hatha -, Yin – & Vinyasa Yoga teacher needed for Shree Hari Yoga School

  • India

Job Requirements:

Yoga is part of your everyday life
You learned yogic philosophy along with your asana practice
You have a minimum of 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training or higher, and/or Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Certification*
You are covered by a current Yoga/Meditation Teacher’s Liability Insurance Policy*
You have experience with special needs, youths and/or elders
Good English speaking skills
You can stay with us for at least 6 months (beginning of October to end of March 2019)


You have approximately 500 hours of experience teaching yoga
You have a background in education, non-profits programs, community service
You speak English fluently
You practice additional wholistic yoga practices/healing arts


You will lead classes for youths, elders, and/or special needs groups at our centres/programs in and around India and maybe abroad
You will work independently and make copies/ handouts on your own for the YTTC students
You will modify postures for varying abilities, including chair yoga classes
You will teach 1-4 classes per week depending on your availability.

*All Job requirements and descriptions are general. If you can at least teach 2 subjects you are welcome to apply. All documentations are required, applicants must send proof of certification and insurance. If non-Indian people apply for a job, you need to show your working permit Visa or similar documents.