YOGA TEACHER & Coordinator & Chef RAW/Vegan -couple

YOGA TEACHER & Coordinator & Chef RAW/Vegan -couple

Go Natural Jamaica

is looking for new compassionated members of our dream team!

The work is in retreat sanctuary in JAMAICA

positions open:

YOGA TEACHER & Coordinator & Chef RAW/Vegan

For this positions we envision a couple (married or not), that is willing & dreaming of to live in Jamaica for some time & take responsibility to run retreat center with compassion & love when owners & founders are not present.

Ideal skillset: Yoga Teacher, Coordinator (managing skills, guest service, organization skills), Chef (Raw, Vegan) optional, or Massage therapist or Handyman & driving licence welcomed.

Are you compassionate & easy going positive person?

Do you love teaching yoga & sharing your passion with others, do you love to share your wisdom & help others in their path? Do you enjoy interacting with people?

Are you natural manager like person for whom is easy to have things under control & rolling smoothly, do you enjoy interacting with people, can you solve any challenge with smile & positively?

We can offer amazing workplace in natural environment, food & accommodation & pay according to your work.

Job specification:

Full-time job

Daily being present in the retreat centre, organise your free time per day ,1 week free per month.

Teach 2 yoga classes per day & 1 mediation

Interact with guests , organize , make retreat and all connected with it run smoothly,

if chef – prepare awesome healthy meals, discuss nutrition with guests

Yoga experience:

2-10 years of teaching experience

Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga & Restorative,*Nidra *Kemetic Yoga & *Kundalini Yoga (*not necessary but very welcomed)

1400-1600 +%  $ USD per month for the couple

Food & Accommodation included

1-3 years minimum stay

Experience in retreat center required.

If you are interested please see our website & read about our center, then send us your CV & motivation letter & photo &  let us know when you are ready to start and how long do you envision to work with us if all goes well.

Looking forward to hearing from you!