Yoga school startup looking for Earth angels/light workers to run a fast-growing business with

  • Business Opportunity
  • Sweden

In a castle surrounded by magical forest deep in the Swedish woods I´m planing to start a Yoga Teacher Training Business. Anyone interested in partnership or/and teaching, marketing, massage or anything you find relevant for this kind of project please reach out to me with what you can offer.

Around the castle is the garden which we can plant/grow our own sustainable food. There are plenty of rooms and space. We will build it to what it will become hopefully the #1 yoga school in the Nordics together.

What we offer are:

Come and indulge in daily Pranayam, Meditation, yoga asanas and much more in beautiful seren traditional Swedish natur away from stress and city life. Whether you have plans to teach yoga or not this is a great way to spend your time, investing in yourself. We teach you all the fundamental 101 Yoga according to yoga-alliance. At the end of the training you will feel joy, love and bliss. You will also receive a yoga teacher certificate to set a foundation for your future teaching jobs.

The venu is specially hand picked to get maximun pleasure on all levels. In close contact with nature and wild life we get to breath the fresh air containing loads of PRANA “life energy”. Exchanging the the city lifestyle for a seren beautiful lush one.

There are a SPA facility in the Castle for us to indulge in rituals, reflection and rejuvenation.

The Swedish nature is one of a kind really.

We are offering100% vegan locally grown organic food. We offer 3 nutritious meals per day.

I am currently working with building the website and as soon as we are a few on this idé I will start to spread the word on yogaplattforms/social media etc that we offer YTT with the intension to be the #1 yoga school in the Nordics.

Do you want to be a part of this from the beginning don´t hesitate to email me.

I look forward hearing from you.

To find out more about me pls check my website:

Love and Light,
Mariam Ibrahim