Part-Time Sivananda & Hatha Yoga Teacher in South Florida

Wanted: Part time Sivananda yoga teacher and Hatha yoga teacher in Tamarac, Florida. Call Sabeena at (954) 553-0933.

Sabeena Yoga’s goal is to help students see a clearer purpose to life by building a healthy body and clear mind. We believe in the importance of keeping the physical and mental faculties strong to delay the ageing process.

We encourage our students to follow the 5 points of yoga indicated in the teachings of Swami Sivananda:

Proper breathing
Proper relaxation
Proper exercise (asana)
Positive thinking and meditation
Proper diet

Sivananda yoga is an organic practice steeped in tradition . You can visit any Sivananda Ashram in the world and find the same asanas (postures) practiced in the same order. Sabeena Yoga teaches posture variations to accommodate students different levels of fitness.

We teach beginners to advanced postures tailored to the individual. Sabeena Yoga focuses on small, intimate classes so each student receives individualized attention. We use hands on assists to guide students into proper alignment . We know that each student has their own physical strengths and challenges. Our goal is to work within those parameters to help students meet their full potential.