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Social Media Sales & Marketing Wanted to Promote And Sell Our traditional YTT

We are looking for a digital marketer & social media coordinator to help promote and sell our new Yoga Teacher Training coming to india(uttrakhand)in 2019.You will be experienced in Social Media Marketing or have great contacts within the yoga industry.

Should you be a sales & marketing professional and have to passion, dedication towards yoga and wanted live a Yogic ashram life.
Our place is situated in a mid of forest you have to walk for a 30 min to reach the place.

Interested? Then get in touch today and join the team!

Mudit Pandey avatar

Iam a paradigm and inspiration for many people. I am that person who abandoned the prestige, position and wealth in order to start a simple life with strict discipline. In a time where most of the people are running for money and status, i left my business and political career. I chooses delight over luxury. After giving up all comfort and wealth, I made my prime aim to achieve perfection in yoga which indeed I achieved and now, I am fully dedicated to yoga and decided to live my life as a Yoga practitioner by self-discipline, strong human ethics and uncompromising self-study (especially of Hatha Yoga). I made spiritual path, self-growth and yoga as my priority. I am highly influenced by the principles of Yoga Sutras.  Ii achieved a great notability in the field of yoga as a teacher and practitioner through self-development, internal regimentation, customs and introspection. I also achieved certificates in from government of india and various institutions in india. also taught in many renowned institutes, . Apart from this, i also conducted workshops in more than5 cities in india. Also,I am expert in breath management with Asana postures. As a teacher, you will find me as an engaging personality with many qualities including; effective discipline skills, adaptive flexibility, amazing personalization, kind nature and much more than that.