Veggie Sous Chef .. Yoga Teacher … Massage Therapist in Ericeira / Palhais, Portugal

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Currently we are looking for one or 2 people (couple, friends) – longterm interested to cover follwing tasks:
vegetarian / vegan Chef with ability to prepare during 3-4 days lunch & dinner
interested in living in a guesthouse – always changing people
handy person – can do little repairs
maybe interested in permaculature – getting our veggie garden alive again
Yoga teaching
guiding meditation
additional experiences: massage therapist, administrational skills, social media.

The role during the season will be supporting the kitchen team with veggie meal preparation and doing-this&that to keep the guesthouse tidy, pretty, functional and alive, teaching yoga classes, guiding meditation and additional offering massages (this will be paid extra).
Depending on your skills we can make an offer of compensation. It would be great you could send us your wishes to have an idea of your expectations.
Starting as soon as possible – longterm commitment.
Please apply only if you meet the necessary requirements – thank you!
Yoga Instructor with interest in Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Relaxing Yoga, after surf stretch…Yoga additional: Massage Therapist
RESPONSIBILITIES as the Yoga Instructor:
* Lead Classes (2 per day – only after mid october) one in the morning (more energizing / dinamic) one evening (yin, restorative, super soft flow or more after surf stretch) Yoga Class. Until mid October we have our current yoga teacher and the yoga classes will be split with her.
* Guide Meditation Meetings (30 min)
* Help out with daily tasks around the Veggie Yoga & Surf Guesthouse
* Inspiring presence
* create extra classes (inversions, balance, breath etc…)

* 2+ years regular personal practice of yoga and meditation
* 200+ hours YTT
* would be great 6+ months regular teaching experience. We are looking for somebody who is Confident in creating a nice variation of yoga classes (our guests stay in general for one week) honoring different levels and providing variations as well assists.
*Great people skills
*Committed to yoga as a life path
*Flexible, Creative and Dynamic
*willing to support the guesthouse with simple basic duties like sometimes supporting the kitchen team with dish washing, cleaning when necessary, sweeping, watering plants, driving, etc..being part of the team and making sure the guesthouse flows gently
English speaking as the teaching language and we will need you to speak either portuguese, french, spanish or italian on a conversational level – PLEASE only reply when you are able to communicate in one of the mentioned languages – THANK YOU!
Sous Chef:
Prepare 4-5 Meals during the week independently with kitchen assistant (in general Saturday´s & Wednesday´s: Lunch & Dinner, Sundays: Lunch) maybe one more day – according to availability and skills. Lunch is a simpler, lighter buffet, dinner is a full meal with Soup, main dish, special salad
creative, mindful use of ingredients
during high season up to 40 people

For now (until end of October) we will only be able to offer shared accommodation – for long term commitments we are super willing to find accommodation providing privacy and independency.
all meals included as well on your day off
participate in all the other activities (please note: we cannot offer surfing classes or surf equipement, we can arrange special deals with our surfing school – but this is not part of the workexchange with us
6 days on, 1 day off, 6,5 hours / day
wifi at the guesthouse
use of the facilities
Massages are paid extra – please ask for the conditions

There will be a monthly compensation available according to your skills. Please send us your expectations!
As the Sous Chef you will be contracted including health insurance and work insurance. As Yoga Instructor you can be contracted as well or you can be self-employed as the Massage Therapist you should have an Insurance.
*When applying, please write a few paragraphs about yourself. Your nationality, age, interests and work experience and your languages spoken.
You don’t need to send a formal cv. It’s always nice to receive a photo of you too.
We are a Yoga – Veggie – Surf Guesthouse near Ericeira located in a small residential village Palhais, just about 20 minutes walk to the next beach, Ribeira d´Ilhas, one of the most famous surfing spot in Europe. The guesthouse is located in a little village, so we have neigbours but the athmosphere in the house is quiet. almost everyone come to practise yoga, enjoying the delicouse vegggie meals, go for a surf and party less…
We can welcome maximum 27 guests and we offer yoga classes twice a day, daily surfing classes when people are interested, and all the meals.
We do appreciate a cheerful open attitude are of prime importance to the joyful flow of our guesthouse.
What´s important to us:
Please read the following charter to be aware of what is important to us – THANK YOU!
Please only apply when you feel this meets your interest and style of life.
Everyone working at omassim guesthouse is a valued member of the team and we are very grateful for your contribution and creativity. We want you to enjoy your time with us and leave after a valuable and fulfilling life experience.
As a member of the staff we ask you as a volunteer to be aware of the following guidelines and respect them during your time with us:
ATMOSPHERE: We are a surf yoga veggie guesthouse and most of our guests are here to step back from the world and get some peace & quiet. It is really important that as a volunteer you understand and respect this, and act accordingly. All the guests are different and it is important volunteers are sensitive to the requirements of the different people.
TREATMENTS: Please do not offer or give any treatments, healings or massages to any of the guests unless you are specifically here to do that.
SURFING: When you are a surfer, please do not offer surfing lessons or take / invite beginners (guests as well as volunteers) to go surfing with you!
HEALTH: You should be in good all round health and able to work and enjoy 5 hours per day 6 days per week.
SAFETY: Please do not use any power tools without permission or climb up ladders etc. Also if you do not feel comfortable using sharp knives in the kitchen please tell us. Your safety is of prime importance to us.
RELATIONS WITH GUESTS: Volunteers representing us and it is important as such you ensure all your relations with the guests are professional and appropriate. We encourage informality in the relations between staff, guests and volunteers; however certain lines should not be crossed. (e.g.: relations of an intimate nature).
YOUR LIVING SPACE: It is very important that you observe tidiness and cleanliness in your own space at all times. You are responsible to make your own bed every day, wash your sheets and towels and keep your clothes and personal items tidy. If you are unable to observe this request you will not be permitted to stay.
HANG OUT SPACE: You are super welcome to use the hammocks, pool, outdoor area at our guesthouse – kindly be aware when guests are missing out a comfortalbe spot!
DAY OFF RIDES: We are happy to provide rides to the bus station for you between 9am and 6pm. After 6pm you are required to take a taxi. We can give you the phone number of the taxi company. If you need a ride to the bus station you need to let us know the day before.
CARS: Never use any of the cars without express permission.
TIME OFF: If you are staying for three months and wish to take a few consecutive days off for any reason please inform the office well in advance, preferably on arrival. Anyone staying less than three months has one day off per week.
DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: Recreational drugs (including haschisch, cannabis) are not permitted at our guesthouse. Smoking is permitted and we ask kindly to be mindful and aware when guests around. Do not invite guests to smoke with you. We have many guests using their stay to let go of old hapbits and we want to support this. Alcohol should only be consumed in MODERATION – again, do not invite gueests to drink with you or invite them to go to the bars etc. They can decide for themselfes and we do not want to create distraction.
MEAT: Please do not bring meat or fish to the guesthouse – we carry an offical certificate of being vegetarian / vegan.

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omassim guesthouse is situated in a sleepy village Palhais-Ribamar near the Ericeira Worl Surf Reserve. omassim guesthouse is an oasis of bright colorful accomodation with a homely feeling. We combine the elements of yoga, surfing & deliciouse vegetarian meals. omassim guesthouse is the manifestation of a dream Lia & Eduardo started to visualize in 2007 in the Algarve and found its realization in 2014 in Ericeira – first world surfing reserve. Using up all the skills Eduardo and Lia gained during her life made omassim guesthouse to a unique place it is right now. Besides offering accommodation the guesthouse includes the ancient techniques Yoga & Meditation, Ayurvedic Medicine (Massages) and working with fire (Sweatlodge, Firewalking). Eduardo is responsible for a healthy nourishing treat for your belly, Lia for some dynamic, invigorating and creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes and all the organization to make your stay comfortable in a family like athmosphere. Living in Ericeira surfing cannot be missed. Progress Surf School founded by Surfer Pro Joana Andrade and Filipe Rastef Henrique offering hands-on surfing lessons promising fun, professionalism and progress.