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Podcast Episode #2: The real honest Talk with Heidi Michelle from

I’m so grateful to share today’s second podcast episode and the wisdom of my teacher Heidi Michelle with all of you. It’s all about living in integrity with your values, being mindful, how yoga saved her during her depression, living yoga and teaching peace in the crazy world we live in! This podcast is made for you to learn something

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Five Challenges of the Traveling Yoga Teacher

Traveling. Teaching Yoga. Living the dream. The glamorization of traveling and teaching yoga abroad ignores the challenges and hardships that many yoga teachers face. Sure, teaching yoga and living abroad has many benefits. But acting like yoga teaching abroad is a whimsical vacation retracts from what it really is: work! Let’s explore a few challenges that yoga teachers teaching abroad

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How to find the right yoga style for you

When I first started yoga , I thought it was way too gentle and I didnt feel a special connection to it until I found the type of yoga that suits me. When you hear people say that yoga is for everybody, it truly means it. Because yoga is a personal practice and it has nothing to do with anyone

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